In This Together, Apart

Whether during weekly Oakland safety walks, which had students, staff and administrators handing out face coverings, or during late-night study sessions buttressed by re-watching recorded lectures online, Pitt people forged ahead during 2020/21, a most unusual school year. A number of experts from the health sciences have helped guide the University during the pandemic to keep people learning and discovering. To watch a brief video featuring reflections from across campus, click here. Below are a few highlights.

Kenyon Bonner at home on virtual meeting

On Oakland safety walks: “We were genuinely concerned enough to put ourselves in their environment, to make a personal human connection, to get them to understand how we are all in this together— ‘We’re here where you live, and we want you to be safe. And it’s important enough for us to be in the community where you spend most of your time.’”

—Kenyon Bonner, Pitt Dean of Students

Students on the street helping out

“Pitt really did do a good job of just trying to create the best experience possible, giving all the resources we need.” 

—C’Enna Crosby (EDUC ’22G)

Students sitting and learning outside

“I’m so grateful for all the green space that we have on campus.” 

—Sydney Dubose (A&S ’21)

Zoom call of individual people on a computer screen in a grid layout.


“My professor was able to bring in guest speakers from across the state, from New York City, from so many different locations. We could connect, network with them and talk to them. I thought that was a great opportunity to reach out and meet some new people that I otherwise wouldn’t have been able to meet.”

—James Boston (CBA ’22)